Extending, Automating and Integrating QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress is the most powerful and versatile page layout and design software on the market — and by extending it, you can make it even more powerful.

There are three main reasons to extend QuarkXPress:

  • You may need to add additional functionality that is specific to your business with a QuarkXPress XTension. See list of XTensions below.
  • You may want to automate some aspect of QuarkXPress at an individual level to increase productivity with AppleScript. Learn more.
  • You may want to implement enterprise dynamic publishing capabilities to provide a design foundation to non-designers who need access to rich, branded layouts — or add enterprise-wide automation and collaboration to your publishing process so you can reduce the time it takes you to complete a project. Learn more about Quark Enterprise Solutions.

Note for developers: If you want to develop your own QuarkXPress XTensions or to integrate QuarkXPress in your existing publishing workflow solution, we provide the resources you need to meet specific customer and business requirements. To join our QuarkXPress developer program please contact us here to get detailed information.

Available QuarkXPress XTensions

XTensions software lets you add completely new features and functionality to QuarkXPress through software add-ins. You can choose from the hundreds of XTensions modules that are available now (some free, others available for purchase from third parties), or develop your own to fit a specific need. Below is a selection of most used XTensions.

Vendor XTension Name Description
Alter Ego Services Q++ Studio Q++ Studio is the professional software system used by diary publishers worldwide to automatically create, update and customize diary and calendar dated pages, information and prelim pages, customer artwork, and diary-related data (public holidays for all the countries of the world, astronomical data, slogans and quotes of the day), to generate complete diaries in the QuarkXPress file format.
AthenaSoft AutoCorrect AutoCorrect XT will mark your misspelled words and correct common typing mistakes as you type, much like the auto-correct feature in Microsoft Word.
Axaio MadeToPrint Standard
MadeToPrint Auto
MadeToPrint Auto QPP
MadeToPrint allows automated print and export from within QuarkXPress, among others to PDF and to one or more output targets. Based on standardized output settings, as target folder managment, control for missing fonts and images and a integrated PDF check, users can produce reliably, cost and time-effective.
MadeToPrint Auto for QPP integrates seamlessly into Quark Publishing Platform for a fully automated query-based output from within Quarks publishing system.
Badia BigPicture
Badia Duplica
Badia Exportools
Badia FullMeasure
Badia Printools
For more than 17 years, Badia Software has been creating powerful solutions for the printing, graphics and publishing industries.
CoDesCo ex DBLink
ex TranslationFilter
ex DBLink is an XTension for QuarkXPress Mac and Windows to automatically update QuarkXPress documents from a database generated ASCII file. By using ASCII files ex DBLink is extremely flexible and can process files from each Database which can export as ASCII.
ex TranslationFilter provides bidirectional export and import of QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign text content into an XLIFF file or a Microsoft Word document and back.
Codeware Xactuell Xactuell is the leading standard software when it comes to system-based as well as semi- or fully-automatic production of print publications of any kind, irrespective of the industry: from creative agency and specialty mail-order company to technical trader or classic medium-sized manufacturer.
Dataplan JournalDesigner JournalDesigner is an issue planning tool for newspaper and magazine publishers.
Éditions Diagonal Prolexis Prolexis is spell checking XTensions software for French.
Em Software Xdata
Xdata, Xtags and Xcatalog are software robots, silently, tirelessly, flawlessly building and updating your data-driven documents while you watch. Since 1990.
Extensis Suitcase Suitcase is font management software that has been called the the king of all Mac font managers.
Gassenhuber DATAform With DATAform you can set up a complete bi-directional connection between your database and your layout program on Mac OS or Windows. The DATAform add-on is a fully featured database publishing tool with three main features: create, export and update QuarkXPress documents.
Insidersoftware Font Agent Pro Make fonts a vibrant part of your web and print projects with unrivaled ways to search, organize and view your fonts.
JoLauterbach FontWizard
JoLauterbach offers a diverse array of productivity tools as XTensions for QuarkXPress.
Kytek Autopage Autopage automates the layout of trade books, textbooks, journals, encyclopedias, directories and yellow pages. Autopage automatically places art, tables, footnotes, margin notes and margin art, producing visually balanced page spreads while eliminating orphans and widows.
Layout Ltd. ArabicXT ArabicXT for QuarkXPress allows user to write in all right to left languages, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish …
Monotype FontExplorer X FontExplorer X is the simple, speedy way to find and organize all of your fonts.
Markzware ID2Q ID2Q provides a quick, easy and affordable method for you to convert your files from Adobe InDesign to QuarkXPress. Once in QuarkXPress, users are now in a flexible and familiar environment, allowing for much easier editing.


  • There are thousands of XTensions solutions for Quark software
  • XTensions enable you to customize Quark software to meet your exacting requirements
  • Support for Mac and Windows users across the globe
  • Solutions for workflow, productivity, text content, printing and more

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